Multiplied 2015 Contemporary Art in Editions Fair

The Wanderer’s Nightsong III at Multiplied Art Fair 2015

Curated by and in Collaboration with Ian Dawson


C&C Gallery stand 39

16th – 18th October 2015


Gavin Turk, Kate Atkin, Cathy De Monchaux, Chris Hawtin, Ian Dawson, Claude Heath, Paul Westcombe

C&C Gallery- Ian Dawson and Gavin Turk- Untitled 2 2015, 3D print and mixed media 20cm x20cm

The Wanderer’s Nightsong III will present 3D prints that explore the meaning of this new form of technological representation. 3D printing and scanning has begun to capture our collective imagination, if we are to believe what we read, there will be printed guns and houses, heart-valves and hip joints available to us at the touch of a button. YouTube clips present the process as a magic art that can produce anything; this potential lets us projector dreams and fantasies onto the present.

But what of the art object? What is its relationship with these technologies? We are becoming familiar with images of kitsch printed figurine, however by collaborating with a range of leading contemporary artists The Wanderer’s Nightsong III will present works that challenge and adopt a more complex relationship with the language of this new technology. And just as the photograph altered our perception of reality to include the blur, we have yet to see how the 3D print will affect our perception, what new forms of blindness or ‘seeing’ will they induce?

Taking its title from Goethe’s classic eight-line poem scratched into the walls of a mountain lodge, this poem describes a progression from mineral through animal to human, of a natural process becoming language. The poems’ power lies in three simple factual statements followed by an assertion for the future, without the use of simile, metaphor or symbol, the power of the poem is untranslatable. The exhibition will similarly inform us about a new technical evolution, of a new form of translation through 3D scanning and printing and will ask new questions of mediation, re-mediation, authorship and originality.

Presented within the setting of Multiplied, the Wanderer’s Nightsong III, will display evolutionary new forms of copies, to be considered within the context of the more traditional print media, like a strange new family member invited to the party for the first time.


Gavin Turk (b. 1967) has exhibited widely internationally. His artworks are in major international collections. Awards: 2010 Honorary Doctorate in Arts, University of East London, 2007 Charles Wollaston Award, Royal Academy of Arts, 2001 Jack Goldhill Sculpture Prize, Royal Academy of Arts.

Kate Atkin (b.1981) artworks have been features in numerous group shows worldwide. Recent solo show include Trinity Contemporary, London, and ACME Project Space, London.

Cathy De Monchaux (b.1960) nominated for the Turner Prize in 1998, she has had major solo exhibitions at Whitechapel Gallery and she is represented in major public and private collections worldwide.

Chris Hawtin (b.1974) has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include The Future Can Wait, 2014 (new partnership with Saatchi’s New Sensations). His work is in private collections across Europe and in the Saatchi collection, London.

Ian Dawson (b.1969) has exhibited internationally in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris and Berlin, and his work is held in both public and private collections worldwide. He is the author of Making Contemporary Sculpture, The Crowood Press.

Claude Heath (b. 1964) studied philosophy and has rapidly gained recognition for his paintings, drawings and wall-drawings through group exhibitions at The Saatchi Gallery, London, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London (the 1996 Open, the exhibition Antechamber in 1997, the 1998 Open), De Appel Foundation, Amsterdam, The British Museum, Essor gallery, London, and the Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. Claude Heath was a Prizewinner in the 1997 John Moores Exhibition. He was the first artist-in-residence at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, and this led to a solo show in the Study Galleries, Leeds City Art Gallery (1999). His work is included in several major British art collections.

Paul Westcombe (b. 1981). He graduated with an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2007 and with a BA in Painting from Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, in 2003. Recent solo exhibitions include The Symbols Pursue Me, The Cooperative, Liverpool Biennial, 2010 and Just Food for the Midgies, Project Space, Jerwood Space, London, 2009.Group exhibitions include Paper, Saatchi Gallery, London, 2013; Whitechapel open 2012 The RSA 186th Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, 2012; Condensation, Danielle Arnaud Gallery, 2011 and Bloomberg New Contemporaries, A Foundation, Liverpool and Club Row, Rochelle School, London, 2008. Awards include RSA William Littlejohn Award for Excellence and Innovation in Water-Based Media in 2011, was awarded the HI-Arts Development Award in 2011 and was in for the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2007. His works are held in the collections of The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh; Royal College of Art, London; Jean-Michel Timsit and Saatchi Gallery, London.