BINGO title

by Henry/Bragg

Artists in conversation with Ida Barr: 27th June 7.30pm

Ida Barr

Henry/Bragg chat about their experiences creating their B.I.N.G.O work with the glorious Ida Barr and find out why she is bingo bonkers. Ida Barr is the creation of Christopher Green, who through the character both satirises and celebrates bingo culture. Expect intellectual conversation, a line of bingo with Ida Barr, and the strong possibility of doing the hokey-cokey in the gallery.

Henry/Bragg’s debut solo show at C&C Gallery is a nostalgic look at the bingo hall, examining the faded grandeur and ongoing decay of the old cinemas and theatres that house the game and its loyal players. Through a series of photographs, a film and an installation piece, B.I.N.G.O surveys and scrutinises the pervading melancholy of these once bustling spaces and the communities which once centred around them.

Exhibition on til 28 June.

BINGO live at C&C Gallery by HENRY/BRAGG - courtesy Karolina Krasuska