The Food that Talks: performance by Filippos Tsitsopoulos

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“The Food Itself”

Video installation and live performance event by Filippos Tsitsopoulos

In a unique space that contains a restaurant and an art gallery is a table, a table that starts in the restaurant, then passes through the wall to finish in the gallery, where at the end we find “The Food” sitting and waiting for us to come in and share a theatrical performance.

Theatre, mask and food are personified objects in the authors face and body. The audience is invited to sit and share in the experience with “The Food”, the Food itself  is a  theatrical representation of the artist face for the audience to digest, filmed with masks made from living elements: fishes, meats, vegetables and flowers.

“The Food” can speak, can perform, can play theatre, can be alive, can act its own theatrical death, at the same time the actor/performer is taking the role of “The Food itself” sometimes becoming an act of absurdity, confusion and uncertainty.

In the form of video portraits the artist holds dialogue with his fragmentized self on the screen. This soul conductor and entertainer, who comes to join us on this Halloween night reminds us of the Italian 16th Century parties made for amuse and the carnivalesque of theatre.

The performer says; “We struggle with language, we are defined by language, we use language, food is language, we are abused by language.”