Chris Hawtin


Chris_Hawtin_The Tethering_2016_198x198cmOilandAcrylicon Canvas

The Tethering – 2016 – 198x198cm – Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Chris Hawtin. Born Ely, UK, 1974. BA Hons Fine Art (Painting) Chelsea College of Art and Design 1999. Recent and Solo Exhibitions include: Elefheria, Athens (2014), Gregor’s Lament C&C Gallery London (2014), The Future Can Wait/Saatchi Sensations London (2014), Collateral Drawing, Beton Athens (2014), The Golden Age Maggras/Naudet (2013), Predator C&C Gallery London (2013),  The Unity Engine and Other Stories (Artlounge Lisbon, Lisbon), 2012, Forbidden Planet (Jacob’s Island, London), 2012, Chris Hawtin and MilesThurlow (Malgras/Naudet, Manchester), 2011, Project PIGS Case (Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm and Studio SKOUZE3, Athens), 2011, Polar Union (Denman Arts, London), 2010.

Publications: Making Contemporary Sculpture, Ian Dawson, magazine issue 44, Chris Hawtin, Work and Word, April 2011. David Ryan, Transitions/Abstractions,

His work is in the Saatchi Collection, C&C Gallery Collection, and private collections in the UK, Greece, Portugal.